Owned by the same people as Uchi, Uchiko is just as good as its sister restaurant, and nearly as famous. Using only sustainably fished products and ingredients that are local whenever possible, Uchiko is one of the best places for sushi and other Japanese cuisine in all of Austin.

Unusual Favorites

Those who dine at Uchiko leave dinner raving about some dishes that might sound a bit unusual to you. For example, the sweet corn sorbet is a top seller here, and the Jar Jar duck is another hot item. And, believe it or not, the Brussels sprouts are touted as a must-have item at Uchiko. With some amazing Asian fusion creations, your palate is sure to be surprised by nearly every dish you order here.

The Traditional Loves

In addition to all of those unusual dishes that you might not be brave enough to try, Uchiko also has some great traditional items that are great for everyone. The pork ribs have been described as “fall off the bone” and perfectly cooked; the edamame is a perfect and tasty small starter; the tempura onion rings are pretty much as good as it gets for onions; and the sushi is amazing.

Speaking of Sushi…

Speaking of sushi, it’s about time we talk about the raw fish that’s available here. The Komaki roll, which is just a simple veggie roll that packs a punch of flavor, is amazing, and the avocado nigiri is artful and delicious. The spicy crunchy tuna is a classic favorite, and all of the sashimi is fresh and mouthwatering.

Sake Social Hour

If you want to try to save a little bit of money while still enjoying all of the best of the things here, you should considering going to Uchiko for the sake social hour, also known as happy hour. Happy hour is every day from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM, and offers a few of the restaurant’s best dishes and drinks at a discounted price.

Upscale Dining Experience

Before you go to Uchiko, it’s important to know that the restaurant offers a very upscale dining experience. The waitstaff is attentive and friendly, the atmosphere is high-class and sophisticated, kids aren’t welcome, dressy dining attire is required, and the prices are pretty high. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to drop $100 for sushi that’s probably the best in Texas, and an experience that’s memorable, then Uchiko is totally worth it. If you love the sound of eating sushi while simultaneously dining finely, then make sure you make a reservation in advance; otherwise, there’s a good chance your picturesque evening will be delayed by an hour while you wait for a table.

Private Rooms Available

If you are in search of the perfect classy place to host your business lunch or wedding rehearsal dinner, Uchiko provides a very comfortable place for formal get togethers. Rooms can accommodate up to 34 guests, the restaurant will provide floral services upon request, and the rooms have wi-fi and are equipped to be able to handle presentations.