Food trucks and street vendors provide some of the most amazing food in all of Austin, and patrons to food trailers are often blown away at the top-notch quality of menu items without a full kitchen or restaurant establishment. For a food trailer in Austin that’s delicious, homemade, and fairly healthy in comparison to other street food in the state, check out Veracruz All Natural.

Veracruz’s All Natural Specialties

Serving breakfast and lunch, Veracruz All Natural specializes in tacos. The El Pastor is amazing, the migas are magnificent, the breakfast tacos are perfect, the fish tacos are fabulous, and the chicken mole is a real win. In addition to just about every kind of taco imaginable here, they also have some knock-your-socks of salsa and too-good-to-be-true guacamole that should definitely be sampled. And, the homemade tortillas are some of the best tortillas in the state of Texas, and totally make the tacos what they are.

Drinks and Smoothies

In addition to all of the yummy taco and Mexican food options, Veracruz All Natural also serves agua frescas that aren’t to be missed, such as the homemade watermelon agua fresca. They also serve shaved ice—perfect for a hot day—Mexican-style fruit salads, and fruit smoothies. Yum!

Long Line Time

While many of the best restaurants and food trailers in the city have long lines, the line at Veracruz All Natural feels even longer than most. It might be that the service is slow, or simply that more people than normal flock to this taco haven. If you can wait it out, your food will be totally worth it.

Eatin’ Cheap

Another reason that we love Veracruz is that, despite the fact that many other food trailers in Austin have opted to charge astronomically high prices for their menu options, Veracruz All Natural keeps it cheap. In fact, two fully loaded tacos will only cost you around $6, and are filling enough to satisfy your appetite entirely. While they’re not $1 street tacos, they’re still pretty darn cheap, not to mention delicious.

Outdoor, Dog-Friendly, Seating

While this is a food trailer, Veracruz has taken the time to set up some cute tables and chairs, complete with umbrellas to protect diners from the hot sun, on the premises. Veracruz opens at 8:00 AM, and is the perfect place to walk your dog—as the outdoor area is completely dog-friendly—before ordering a couple breakfast tacos and reading the paper in the beautiful outdoors.

It’s All Natural

You might have figured it out by the name, but in case you weren’t sure, Veracruz strives to use only the freshest and most natural ingredients in its cooking. As such, you won’t find the use of preservatives in most of the dishes here, and everything is completely homemade.