For a laugh, a cry, or simply an evening of entertainment, the Zach theatre in Austin is the number one place for professional theater. If you enjoy the arts (or know someone who does), then the Zach theatre should absolutely be on your list of go-to places. For an outing that is sure to delight, here’s some more information you should know about the Zach Theatre:

The New Location is Gorgeous

The Zach Theatre has been in Austin for awhile, but their new location on Lamar Boulevard is sure to impress. The front entrance itself is grand enough to impress before the show is even seen, and upon entering, you’ll fall in love with the stunning lobby which is open and large, the impressive bar area, and the comfortable and beautiful seating and stage. Seeing a play here makes you feel a little bit famous, even though everyone’s welcome.

The Shows are Clever and Fun

The shows at the Zach theatre are always a joy, and the majority of them will leave you in stitches from laughing so hard. While their shows of course change frequently, some for the season 2014 include Maid Marian in a Stolen Car, The King and I, A Christmas Carol, Peter and the Star Catcher, Mothers & Sons, Sophisticated Ladies, a Year with Frog and Toad, the Three Little Pigs, Cenicienta, and This Wonderful Life. A neat thing about the Zach is that not only are they a performance theatre, but a producing theatre as well. This means that each and every one of their shows was written and designed in house, providing you with a unique, never-before-seen show that can only be watched at the Zach. Plus, their performers are ridiculously talented, as are their teachers, artists, writers, and other staff members, offering only the best that the arts has to give.

Great for All Ages

While your kids might not appreciate the show as much as you do, they are more than welcome to join you, and may get a bit of a chuckle themselves–or at least enjoy the song and dance! However, if you want to leave your kids at home, this is a great location for a date night, or a fun girls’ night out in Austin.

Ticket Prices and Show Schedule

Throughout the season, the theatre offers shows nearly every day with the exception of Mondays. Most shows begin at 7:30 in the evening, although there are weekend matinee shows available as well. For a full schedule, you should consult the Zach Theatre calendar. Depending upon the show and the season, tickets usually cost anywhere between $25 and $75, depending upon your seats. While this may seem expensive, $25 is only $15 more than what you’d spend for a movie night, and this is a whole lot more entertaining and unique.

This month, mix up your usual routine and become a little more cultured and sophisticated by indulging in the arts. The Zach Theatre is fun, comfortable, and affordable, and will be loved by your date!