One of Austin’s few Moroccan-style cafes and hookah lounges, Zaytouna Lounge takes pride in being a friendly and welcoming hookah cafe that’s open late into the night for groups of friends to socialize over tea, coffee, and shisha.

The hookah is prepared with care and the intention of creating an enjoyable and long-lasting experience for the people who are sharing it. Zaytouna Lounge doesn’t just specialize in hookah. Their Moroccan mint tea and  shawnia coffee are superb. To compliment the warm drinks Zaytouna offers a variety of homemade desserts from a multi-cultural selection that are all authentically Moroccan.

If you are the type to stay busy, Zaytouna also offers the game Pétanque to keep you on your feet and enjoying the outdoors. The whole experience makes for a relaxing evening of conversation and cultivating friendship. Try out something a little bit different on a Friday night and head north to Zaytouna Lounge.