Parents: round up your young children and bring them to Explore and Much more, a child-centered, two-story play palace of things to climb on, touch, hide in, and run around. Explore and Much More has open play time throughout the week, from 9-5. Weekend open play is available, but varies because of weekend parties – current availability is on the website at all times.

M-F admission brings about extras, like music and arts and crafts classes in the morning, as well free coffee for parents every single day. Admission to Explore and Much More means that you have open access all day long, and can leave and come back if needed with no hassles. Parents only pay for their children over the age of 1, and siblings enter at a slightly discounted rate. No reservation required at Explore and Much More Рall you have to do is show up and let your children be free!

Important:  children must wear socks, and socks only, inside the play area, and food and drinks are restricted to the eating area. Parking at Explore and Much More is pretty limited, however, it is located near street parking and local paid-parking lots.