There is pizza. And then there is Cane Rosso’s Pizza. Believe the hype.

You can’t get more authentic, naples-style wood-fired brick-oven pizza as you will eat at Cane Rosso. These guys know how to make a pizza, and that’s all there is to it. The pizza is not deep-dish, but neither is it thin crust. It’s Neapolitan style, so think of it as a thinner than normal crust, but not crispy and flaky. No matter, because it’s hard enough for you to pull slices of pizza off the pan with the pizza just drooping from all the cheese and toppings, like all that delicious sausage and arugula trying to drip off. You don’t get more flavor in every mouthful than you do at Cane Rosso’s

The staff is courteous, fast, and they know their pizza. The owner lives and breathes the business, so you can bet that every pizza is made with the love he has for his business and customers.

Oh, and they cater your special events. What more could you want?