If you love the idea of doing something fun, exciting, and out of the ordinary, but don’t love the idea of risking your neck or compromising your safety, then iFly Indoor Skydiving in Dallas might be the thing for you. This indoor skydiving experience gives you the same free-fall feeling, all within a controlled and hazard-free environment.

What to Expect from Flying

The coolest thing about iFly is that the wind tunnel that you’re placed in creates a true free fall experience that perfectly simulates a real skydiving flight. Instead of strapping yourself to a parachute, the 1400 vertical wind tunnel creates a cushion of air on which you simply float. With nothing strapped to you at all – no wires at this place- you get to have an adrenaline rush that’s inspired by wind resistance on your body. It’s pretty neat technology!

Who can fly?

Another awesome thing about iFly is that just about anyone can fly. Very young children to the oldest of grownups are welcome to step into the tunnel and experience the free-fall sensation. The only people who are restricted from flying are those with joint or bone issues, particularly a dislocated shoulder or other shoulder problem. Those with neck injuries should also avoid flying at iFly. No previous training or experience is necessary for fliers – you’ll receive a short training session as part of your package at iFly.

How much does it cost?

Flights at iFly Indoor Skydiving Dallas are priced as such:

  • First time flyers – for flyers that are visiting iFly for the first time, you can purchase a two flight package for only $59.95.
  • For those that know they’re going to love iFly – before you even try flying for the first time, you can purchase a four-flight package instead of only two flights for $109.95.
  • For love birds wanting to spread their wings – if you want to experience flying as part of date activity, then you can purchase the package designed for two. This package even comes with a video of your session! The cost of the package for two is $131.10
  • For families – for families of up to five people, you can purchase a flight package that gives you 10 flights, or 5 double-length flights, that can be enjoyed by your whole crew. This package is priced at $272.50.
  • For adrenaline junkies – if you really love flying, why not go all out with a Take Flight package that includes 10 flights, two video clips, and a personalized flight certificate? This makes a great gift to yourself if you’re a thrill seeker, and is priced at $255.05.
  • Return flyers – for those who have already been trained at iFly, you can return to fly again for a discounted price. For two return flights, the cost is $49.95; for four flight, the cost is $99.95.

Why People Love iFly-ing

People absolutely love iFly, and for good reason. Not only is this an activity that will make you scream with joy and excitement, but it’s also something that can be shared with friends, family, and significant others. Plus, it’s much safer, much less expensive, much less time intensive, and much less intense than real skydiving.