Renfield’s is just one of those favorite places to “patio”, that is get drinks, sit outside, and just chill and converse. The inside is just good, however, with a sort of old school ambiance with an industrial flair inside the bar. Outside, they have these cool, misty fans during the summer (for the heat) and warm fires and heaters during the winter (for the cold).

Renfield’s is only heavy traffic bar at night, so if you don’t like huge crowds, it can still be a good spot before the game. Just make sure that you arrive early on a Friday (or on a Saturday) and then leave by ten at night.

The music after ten at night, which can be live or DJ, can get pretty loud inside. You’ve been warned!

Prices here are very reasonable. And the service, which is as knowledgeable about their entire menu, is both prompt and friendly. You’ll really enjoy this place!