Although it has that Old English feel to it, The Old Monk is best known not for its drinks, but for its food. They have won awards, year after year, for “Best Pub Grub” and “Best Bar Food”. Some patrons even go to The Old Monk specifically to eat dinner instead of just chugging back a few pints.

Not that they don’t know their beers, ales, or lagers. Far from it. The staff is as knowledgeable about beer as they are courteous and professional. You will never have to wait long for your order, and there is always a server nearby ready to get you whatever you need.

Back to the food. This is not your typical bar fare. There have dishes here that are clearly meant for a full-scale restaurant. And they can even tell you what beers pair best with what dishes, giving you a complete experience. There is a reason why Dallas natives keep going back to The Old Monk. And that reason is simply delicious.