Zero Gravity Theme Park is one of the most fun and exciting attractions in all of Dallas, and has been rated as one of the best attractions in Texas by Trip Advisor. If you want a day of amusement and adrenaline, there’s nowhere better to get your fill of it than Zero Gravity Thrill Park.

Attractions at Zero Gravity

There are five main attractions at Zero Gravity Thrill Park to get your heart pumping. The five attractions include bungee jumping, the sky coaster, Texas Blastoff, Nothin’ but Net, and the Skyscraper.

The bungee jumping is pretty self-explanatory, and provides thrill seekers with the ability to jump from seven stories up. The sky coaster lets you glide 100 feet off of the ground. Texas blastoff is a ride where you shoot straight up via rocket at 70 miles per hour. Nothing but net is a 16 story free fall experience. And the Skyscraper is one of the parks newest and most sensational experiences, making a trip to the park definitely worth it. This one subjects rider to 4G force, which is more force than is experienced during a space shuttle take off. And, four riders can ride at once, meaning that this is a great ride to experience with friends, family, or even on a date.

Prices and Tickets

Rather than other theme parks where you buy an entrance ticket and then get access to all the rides of your choice, Zero Gravity Theme Park charges per ride, not per admission. As such, you’re welcome to watch your thrill-seeking family member or friend doing something crazy without having to pay a dime. But, if you’re an adventure nut yourself, you have to pay independently for each ride. One ride of your choice is priced at $32.99 plus tax, two rides at $47.98, and three rides at 49.99 (if you buy online – otherwise, it’s normally $62.97), four rides at $77.96, and all five rides – called the Thrill Seeker Combo – at the same price as four rides. You can also purchase the ultimate combo, which includes all five rides, five videos (one per each ride), and one t-shirt for $109.95 plus tax.

Make a Party of It

People flock to zero gravity theme park because its one of the most fun parks in all of Texas. As such, why not grab your friends and make an event of it? Group rates are cheaper anyway – priced at $57.90 per person for all five rides for groups of 10 or more – and nothing beats indulging in adrenaline with all your besties watching. The park is a great way to celebrate a birthday party, company party, or even a family reunion. Or, if you’re really feeling daring, you might want to consider this park as a date idea…

Staying Safe

To keep everyone safe, those that are pregnant, have any back problems, have any broken bones, have any circulatory disorders, or have any other serious medical conditions are not allowed to ride at Zero Gravity. Additionally, some of the rides have height requirements, age requirements, or weight requirements. Otherwise, strap in and have fun!