PizzaPapalis has been a perfect restaurant for families since the 1980’s because it offers a spacious and delightful interior, and family-style portions of quality pizza, salads, sandwiches, and more. PizzaPapalis Chicago-style pizzas incorporate impeccably crafted tomato sauces and fresh dough for a crust recipe that has made them famous. Thin crust and pan pizzas are also available, and for adventurous kids or adults who want something different, there are specialty pizzas, like the Seafood Combo and the Spinach Special to choose from.

Cheesesteaks, make-your-own calzonesand flatbread sandwiches – like the Roman Club and the Buffalo Chicken – are also on the menu. You can round out the meal with a sweet Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie or Cookie Cheesecake, in both individual and family-sized servings. All of the classic pizza joint beverages are available and so is a full bar for the adults. Regardless of your specific tastes, a meal there will leave you quite satisfied and possibly armed with late-night leftovers when you leave.

PizzaPapalis is open all day, every day until late. Check the website for coupons and menu specials.