Consistently called one of the best dive bars in all of Houston, if not Texas, Alice’s is considered by many to be a Houston icon! Where else in Houston can you find a place where you can find a mingling of cowboys, old skool kats, punk rockers, and well-dressed gents? Alice’s Tall Texan Drive Inn, that’s where!

$2 will get you a big frosted glass goblet, filled with your favorite Texas beer. Like Lonestar? Like Shiner? No problem! The bartenders at Alice’s will make sure your “Tall Texan” is cold and fresh. With the cafeteria style seating indoors, all the friendly regulars ready to chat you up, and the Juke box full of old-school classic rock, going to Alice’s is like going back in time.

It’s a great place to stop before heading out to a game or concert, or a great place to chill out after a long work week.