The word “tapas” derives from Spanish and refers to a tradition in Spain of eating small plates of food, typically meats, cheese, or even small plates of paella. In addition to tapas, other Spanish traditions include a glass of sangria, guitar music, and flamenco dancers. At Andalucia Tapas Restaurant and Bar, a diner will find all four of these cultural items.

Tapas Menu

The food at Andalucia is all tradition Spanish food, and the tapas are served in true tapas style and are meant to be shared by the table. Must try items include the Pimento Escalivado, which are roasted peppers in garlic and spices; the Empanadilla Duo, or one beef and one spinach empanadilla; or the Tortilla Espanola. Keep in mind, though, that in Spanish the word “tortilla” refers to a egg-like frittata with potatoes, not the traditional flour or corn tortillas we’re used to in the states. The Pulpo a la Brasa, or grilled octopus, is also a favorite here.

Try the Paella

One of the restaurant’s most famed dishes is the paella, and as it’s a traditional dish of Spain as well, I highly recommend trying some. The seafood paella in particular is the best.

Solero Flamenco

Flamenco is one of the most interesting types of dance I’ve ever witnessed, and is nothing like any other dance in the world. Always danced with a face of grave seriousness, the steps to this dance are both complex and mesmerizing to watch. If you want to watch traditional flamenco, Andulucia offers solero flamenco performances Friday and Saturdays nights at 8 PM. Of course, the flamenco dancing is accompanied by live guitar music, making the experience even more authentic. While you don’t need a reservation for regular dining or drinks, if you’ll be attending for the flamenco show with a party or 8 or more, a reservation is kindly requested.

Come Early…

If you want to get a great table at this restaurant, especially on the weekends, come early and prepare to take your time eating. Andalucia gets packed, and the wait service can be slow at times. Order a glass of sangria ($9) or a pitcher ($30), and take your time while enjoying the cool atmosphere and fun setting.

..But Don’t Stay Late

Despite the fact that Andalucia advertises itself as a bar and offers a full bar menu, it’s not open late like other bars in the area are. On the weekdays, Andalucia closes at 10 PM, and on the weekends it is only open to midnight. While this is a great place to grab a drink and some food while watching live dance and music, it’s not the place to go if you’re looking for a bar night out with your pals. Start the evening here, and continue it somewhere else.