Don’t let the name fool you. The Backstreet Cafe may be on a backstreet, located on Shepherd Drive in the middle of Montrose’s residential section, but it’s anything but a small establishment.

The Backstreet Cafe resides in an old, large house, the floorplan having been converted to accommodate a sizable lunch and dinner crowd, as well as a full-sized kitchen. The house is very cozy and looks like it’s from the early 1940’s. Downstairs is the main dining area and the wine bar. Upstairs is where guests can have brunch or book private functions in one of two private dining rooms.

It’s the private booking that gives Backstreet Cafe it’s originality. The restaurant thrives on hosting wedding rehearsals, bridal showers, bridal teas, and other similar functions.

The other aspect of the cafe that gives it fame is it’s backyard. The back patio and balcony are similar to the cozy and intimate New Orleans style, and the recently renovated Solarium adds an exceptional atmosphere for what is already a fantastic dining experience.

Prices are above average, but with Lunch Specials and a fair Dinner selection, even the most thrifty guest will find something they can afford, as well as love.