Well known restaurateur from Atlanta Brian Fasthoff, along wife his brother and sister-in-law, well known food blogger Maya Fasthoff, have opened up a brand new Latin American tapas/small plate restaurant called Batanga. Batanga is l down on Congress near the old OKRA Charity Saloon (the corner of Market Square). Batanga’s service time includes lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. On the weekends, Batanga will host live music. Altanta renown chef Ben McPherson will be focusing the menu’s on tapas – better known as small plate dishes (these are dishes that can serve as appetizers, or when ordered in platters of six to eight dishes, can make a full meal). Batanga’s menu will be vegetarian friendly, with an entire section devoted wholly to vegetable dishes.

Batanga has a large patio for outside seating, with decorations such as thirty foot tall shoots of bamboo as well as a hanging waterfall between two decorative trees. Special dinners can be hosted on the patio. The front of the restaurant has a lounge for patrons to wait for their table. And seating father back will has a great view of the stage where the musicians play the live music hosted on the weekends.