Authentic French Flavor

Looking for authentic French flavor in Houston? Check out Café Rabelais once and you may find yourself swearing by it.  Imagine yourself dining in Paris or the rural parts of France when you try out chanterelle mushrooms and pureed butternut squash, the earthy pork sandwich or the seared lamb sausage.  One of the menu favorites is the fabulous mussels dish, the portion is generous and the accompanying cream sauce is to die for.  The menu really calls for the phrase ‘bon appétit’.

Complimentary Bread

We all love freebies here and there so you’re sure to appreciate the basketfuls of delicious bread that come with the table.  You won’t be able to resist the thick, crusty, delicious and perfectly baked slices.  It’s a lovely crunchy outside complimented by soothingly soft inside.  Don’t eat too much or you won’t have room for your meal.  A better use is to soak up the last bits of sauce from plates like the escargot.

Drink Up with Wines Galore

You simply cannot call yourself a French restaurant without including what the French love best; that’s why the café is home to over a wine selection that includes over 600 different varieties.  It’s a treasure trove that brings together wine from all corners of France, from Burgundies to Bordeaux to the famous Vins Jaunes.  The menu itself is pages long and offers not just the list of options, but also a rudimentary wine education.  After looking through you may even be able to pass yourself off as a wine connoisseur.

Cheese Please

Wine just won’t do without the other French love so you’ll have to grab a cheese plate as well.  Grab yourself either a small 3 cheese combination plate or go for the 5.  There’s the lighter flavors we all know and love like Brie and Morbier or head in the stronger direction with Boucheron or really smell up the joint with the something like Bleu d’Auvergne or Epoisses.  Each cheese is accompanied by a description and suggestions for wine.

Get Your Cappuccino On

The selection isn’t huge, but all the teas and coffees are quite delicious and it’s another fun way to transport yourself to France for a moment before heading back into Houston.  Just try the cappuccino, you won’t regret it.

Save Room for Dessert

It’s difficult when the menu is full of so many mouthwatering flavors, but the dessert menu is worth stuffing yourself a bit more.  Desserts are also a French specialty and you have the option of indulging in the rich custard flavor of the crème brûlée or bask in the house chocolate mousse.  All of them are absolutely delicious and you can always share if you are worried about your stomach region.

Cozy or Cramped?

The place isn’t huge, but remember it’s a café, so there are a limited number of tables because it’s meant to be intimate.  If it’s busy it might be a bit of a nuisance, but the small locale and the French atmosphere provides a lovely romantic spot for dates.  The interior decor and ambiance is warm and rustic feeling.

Parking – Not So Good

The only downer for this place is the parking.  It’s on the street so if you’re lucky you can find it quickly and if not you’re going to have to spend some time searching.  Just think of the wine and cheese and free bread while you hunt for a space.