For fresh roasted coffees and pastries that are delivered daily, Catalina Coffee in Houston is one of the cutest and yummiest coffee houses in the city.

Coffee from Around the World

One thing that most coffee connoisseurs love is a coffee shop that provides beans from different parts of the globe. At Catalina Coffee, one can sample coffee from Bolivia, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil. Buy the coffee by the cup, or purchase a bag of beans for home brewing.

Ethical Brewing

If you’re a person who likes to pay attention to where their food and products are coming from, you’ll be happy to hear that Catalina Coffee strives to work with farmers and importers that are both responsible and respectable. Many of their coffee beans are produced by small farm holders in local districts where the production and exportation of coffee beans has brought wealth to once financially ruined communities, allowing for schools to be refurbished and health centers to be built.

Best Coffee and Espresso

This is a full coffee and espresso bar, and the baristas can create just about any coffee or espresso beverage that you can dream up. The café mocha is a favorite amongst those who frequent this establishment, and the smooth vanilla latte is raved about by all who try it. The coffee here is rich and deep, perfect for someone who really loves the taste of coffee and not just sweet coffee taste-alikes. One quick tip, though: make sure you ask for the drink extra hot, as Catalina Coffee has a tendency to serve drinks warm rather than steaming.

Great for Sitting

While some coffee joints offer great coffee but aren’t the place you want to hang out and chat, the atmosphere at Catalina Coffee is relaxing, quaint, and classy. This is the perfect place for catching up with an old friend, talking with new ones, bringing a laptop and doing some work (the wifi is free), or packing a book and relaxing while you read. It’s a pretty quiet and peaceful place, and people tend to hang out for hours with their laptops or books. It can get packed, though, and if you go during a prime coffee-drinking hour of the day, you may have to wait a bit for a table.

Good Prices

Great coffee can be expensive, and in Houston you can pay upwards of $10 for a cup of coffee at some places (this isn’t an exaggeration). At Catalina Coffee, though, the prices are great, especially considering the quality. If you want a fancy coffee (something more than regular drip, with foam and frills) it will probably cost you about $3, or half of what it would at a different establishment. Only complaint: drip coffee refills are $1. Not bad, but free refills would be great!