Laid Back Patio Fun

20 beers on tap. Nice wine selection.  Huge outdoor seating. Great sandwiches & burgers. It’s easy to see why Cedar Creek is so popular with Heights residents.

Great Sandwiches

This restaurant has some great sandwiches offers some pretty amazing greasy grub, much of which is finger-food only. Try the tortilla chips with Queso, the hot artichoke and spinach dip, or one of the “bad ass” burgers, like the Cowboy burger (beef, egg, bacon, avocado salsa, white cheddar).

Fun Every Night

Like other restaurants that are part of the Creek Group, Onion Creek, & Canyon Creek, you’ll find nightly events here every day of the week. Monday through Sunday, head to the Cedar Creek for reverse happy hour, Texas hold ‘em tournaments, whisky, triple shots, fried chicken, and mimosas, bloody marys, and micheladas depending upon the day of the week.

Great Outdoor Seating

There is a giant outdoor seating area that wraps the entire restaurant. So you can hangout with the crowds or find a more secluded seat around the corner.  The little creek that runs next to the rear patio makes it feel almost rural, and you can frequently see young kids playing in the water while a group of young parents sip a Bloody Mary within eyeshot. It’s kind of a cool place for your kid to make a friend and put down the video controller. Congratulations young parents for letting your kids be kids.

Perfect For Your Cornhole

See what we did there?  They have a cornhole out back. If you have a great underarm throw you may be able to drink all your beer for free.

A Cyclist’s Paradise

Set in a beautiful location and complete with a bike rack area up front, this is a great place for those who love to exercise. Whether you’re coming by bike or foot, you’ll love cooling down after a hot workout with a refreshing beer on the patio. A large creek runs along the outside of the property, making it particularly beautiful in the summer months. And, the outdoor area has BBQ pits all around, adding a delicious scent to the already awesome ambiance.

It’s a Little Pricey

A downside to this restaurant is the price, which wouldn’t be too bad if the food was more posh. However, while the entrees and snacks are all really yummy, paying $12 for a sandwich isn’t everyone’s idea of paradise. If you don’t mind spending more than $10 for a burger, especially one that’s really good, then you shouldn’t mind the prices at Cedar Creek. Everything on the menu is in the $10-$15 range; quesadillas are $13, chicken tenders are $10, and the house salad is $11. If you just want snacks, French fries are $5, and are the cheapest thing on the menu next to the drinks, which start at $2.50 for an apricot iced tea.

Reservations for Large Groups Only

This place gets packed on the weekend, so if you’re in a rush and with a large group, you may want to find somewhere else. While the restaurant will do their best to accommodate anyone who walks through the door, they’ll only take reservations for groups of 20 or more. If you do have a group of 20+ and are looking for a great venue to host your next birthday party or other big event, Cedar Creek is great at throwing parties. They’ll make a specialty cocktail menu for your occasion, grill up a whole bunch of meat for your group, set up a Texas hold ‘em table with dealer, and more.

You’ll also find plenty of TVs and video games at this restaurant if you need a little extra entertainment in your life.