Fusion food is amazing in that it takes a little bit of the best characteristics of different ethnic cuisines and rolls them all into one unique, interesting, and tasty combination. For food that is both Korean and Mexican, the Chi’Lantro food truck in Houston will provide you with eye-popping flavors and taste bud tantalizing creations.

Lucky 7

There are only seven, yep seven, menu items to choose from at Chilantro. However, all of them are delicious, and if you’re with a group of three or more, you might as well splurge and order all of them. The lucky seven include kimchi fries, tacos, a Korean burger, a quesadilla, the Seoul burrito, a rice bowl, and spicy fries. All of the items have ingredients that are specific to Korean cooking, like Korean peppers or Bulgogi and flavors that are uniquely Mexican, or Tex-Mex, like cheddar cheese or a fried egg.

Where You’ll Find It

This is a food truck, not a restaurant, and it moves around from Austin to Houston. From 9:15 PM to 3:00 AM, you’ll find one of the late night Chilantro trucks parked on Morningside Drive, and another on Smith Street in Houston on both Friday and Saturday nights. For lunch in Houston, there’s only one truck, parked at Richmond Ave., and only on Fridays. There’s no dinner truck for Houston (although there is one for Austin), and they’re only open on Fridays and Saturdays, not during the week.

There Will Be a Line

Like all good food trucks, especially those that operate on a strict schedule and aren’t available for daily access, you can pretty much count on there being a line here. However, if you can wait it out, it’s definitely worth it. Plus, the long line is a great opportunity to make some friends.

No Seating

It probably goes without saying, but for those who were hoping to enjoy their meal while sitting down, there’s no seating—again, it’s a food truck. Grab your food and walk while eating, or head to your car and gorge yourself while hiding behind your steering wheel. Don’t feel too guilty, though, everyone around you will be doing it, too.

The Downsides

There are relatively few downsides to this restaurant, but here are some complaints of patrons who frequent this location: the menu is too limited–the food’s so good, people want more! The prices aren’t expensive, but more than what most people want to pay for a food truck considering the limited service and lack of seating. And, finally, they only serve on weekends and during the lunch or late evening hours, which is a bummer for those who were hoping for a breakfast taco or an after work dinner.