Located less than 20 miles outside of Houston in Humble, Texas, and tucked just behind Bush airport is Cypress Trails, a haven for animal lovers and horseback riding. This horseback riding group provides some marvelous rides for those who love horses, and can even coordinate party and event planning. If you’re interesting in a trip to Cypress Trails, read on to learn more:

The Riding Experience

The great thing about Cypress Trails is the the horseback rides are designed to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or ability level. When enrolling in a ride here, you’ll get at least an hour’s worth of quality time spend atop a horse, riding through wooded natural trails along Cypress creek. With different ride lengths and types to choose from, there’s something for everyone here.

Dinner & Picnic Rides

You trip to Cypress Trails can be turned from a ride through the woods to an incredibly unique experience by signing up for one of the dinner or picnic rides. The dinner ride takes riders to La Cabana, a Mexican restaurant in Humble. The food here is delicious, and as the restaurant is located 5 miles away, you’ll still get plenty of riding time in. As for the picnic ride, you’ll enjoy a beautiful picnic in nature as well as a 24-mile round trip horseback ride. If you’d like to surprise your sweetheart with something particularly romantic, nothing says “I love you” like a horseback ride and delicious food.

Costs and Ride Lengths

The cost to ride a horse at Cypress Trails is calculated per hour. A one hour ride is $50, a 1.5 hours ride is $60, a two hour ride is $70, and a three hour ride is $80. A weekend lunch ride is priced at $130 per person; and the dinner ride La Cabana is $100 during the week, and $120 on a weekend. The picnic ride is $130 during the week, and $150 during the weekend. If you book with a group, the price is the same.

In addition to your basic ride, you can also take a riding lesson, which is great for novice riders or for those who want to improve their riding skills. A one hour weekday lesson is $55, and a one hour weekend lesson is $60.

Awesome Staff, Beautiful & Healthy Horses

One thing that really contributes to the pleasantness of the Cypress Trails experience is how amazing the staff is. Not only are the great with the animals, but they’re very friendly, helpful, and patient too. As many people who visit Cypress are first-time riders, the staff knows exactly how to quell feelings of nervousness or uncertainty and how to offer instruction for newbies. Additionally, the horses are all very beautiful and healthy looking, strong and tame. A trip through the forest on such a majestic creature is sure to peak your spirits and leave you feeling rested and relaxed.