If you’re looking for a fun and interesting new place to become a regular, you might want to think about El Pueblito Patio restaurant located in the Museum District /  Montrose area of Houston. This chic Latin-American restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of and outdoor restaurant in Cancun. The semi private outdoor cabanas are a great place to enjoy giant margaritas on a nice day with friends.

Guatemala and Mexico Inspired

While El Pueblito Patio is often lauded for its atmosphere and drinks more than its food, the cuisine is nothing to scoff at. Drawing from Guatemalan and Mexican traditional dishes, El Pueblito’s menu creates a fusion of taste and culture. Seafood is a specialty here, and the El Conquistador salmon plate is a must-try.

Margaritas and More

Even if you’re not in it for the food, El Pueblito is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and sip on one the many varieties of margaritas or another yummy beverage. Try the pineapple margarita (which nicely compliments the pineapple salsa, complementary before your meal), or opt for a coconut version. If you’re not a fan of tequila, the restaurant offers a full bar, complete with liquor, beer, and wine.

Party Central

El Pueblito has hosted events such as Cinco de Mayo celebrations, but even on the non-event weekends, expect this restaurant to be a bit of a party place. Packed with people enjoying food and drink, this restaurant is the perfect place for a hoppin’ night out.

Dine Like a Prince (or Princess)

If you’ve ever imagined yourself with the cool wind in your face and white linens billowing around you as you’re waited on, El Pueblito is your kingdom. The patio is fit for royalty, with each cabana designed to make you feel like a prince(ss).

On the same note, El Pueblio also makes a nice place to go for a first date or bring your sweetheart for a romantic weekend out. Plus, they even have dishes designed to be shared by two.

If the weather’s chilly, not to worry; the indoor dining section is quite nice, too.

Host an Event

If you’re looking for a place to host your next event, be it a birthday party, wedding rehearsal dinner, or simply a get-together with friends and family, El Pueblito has you covered. Accepting reservations for large groups, this restaurant is a great place for slightly bigger gatherings.

Extra Information

Be advised, there is a valet service here that you can use as parking can be tight. Because this place can get packed, especially on the weekends, making a reservation or showing up in advance is recommended.

Also, El Pueblito offers a breakfast and brunch menu, so try them out in the mornings and beat the crowd.

Why You Should Go

Why not? If you want to try a new type of food that’s unique and delicious (think fritters, snappers, and chipotle chicken), have a margarita that’s different from the norm, and have some laughs with friends or loved ones in a beautiful outdoor jungle paradise, this restaurant is for you.