Fusion cuisine is defined as cuisine that defies some of the most traditional elements of culinary culture and dares to venture beyond the norm. Also referred to as modern cuisine, fusion food is typically adventurous, creative, and very innovative. For some Asian fusion cuisine in Houston, EurAsia Fusion Sushi combines—you guessed it—both traditional Asian and European flavors to create dishes that are new and interesting.

Fusion Dishes

Since fusion is in the name of this restaurant, it’s only fitting that we start off with those dishes at this restaurant. Try the fresh jalapeno that’s been stuffed with peanut butter and snow crab; the beef carpaccio, which is a spicy creation of beef, Parmesan cheese, capers, onions, and black pepper; or the Kobe beef burger Usda, which is akaushi beef, avocado, onions, lettuce, tomato, and Japanese mayo. Never thought you’d order a burger at a sushi restaurant, did you?

Traditional Japanese Cuisine

In addition the unique fusion creations, you’ll also find some traditional Japanese entrees here. If you don’t like to stray from the norm, try the veggie tempura, the crispy calamari, the miso soup, the salmon teriyaki, or the fried rice.

Good for Kids

Another out of the ordinary fact about this sushi restaurant: there’s a kids’ menu! Treat your little ones to chicken teriyaki, chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, shrimp tempura, kids’ cooked sushi, or a shrimp tempura crunchy roll with soy paper. All kids’ items are $6 or under and are served with vegetables, French fries, or avocado.

Succulent Sushi

This is, after all, a sushi restaurant, and it’d be a shame to go here without sampling a roll or two. A few favorites include the sashimi spring roll, the dragon ball, the tuna tartare, and the lox lover. There are also some more traditional sushi items, like a spicy tuna or spider roll, for those who like to stick to what they know. If you’re daring though, one of the fusion rolls is highly recommended.

Dog-Friendly Patio

There aren’t a lot of sushi restaurants in Houston that have a patio, let alone a dog friendly one. But, yet once again, this restaurant has done something out of the norm by having both. The patio is cute, and since you can bring your pooch, this is a perfect mid-walk stop for a sushi snack.

Order Online

If you’re having a craving for yummy Asian fusion food but don’t feel like taking the time to ready yourself for a meal out, you’ve got to try the take out from here. Place your order online (how easy is that?) and pick it up when it’s ready. Prices are very reasonable (averaging about $10 for special rolls, and $5 for standard ones), and if you don’t like sushi, there are plenty of other goodies on this menu, including some pretty top-of-the-line desserts.