This restaurant’s name is a clever play on words, as not only does Good Dog Houston serve some yummy (hot)dogs, but they’re also one of the greatest restaurants in Houston that is also dog (the four-legged kind) friendly.

Pick a Dog

While the menu is simple in the types of food it provides (pretty much just hotdogs), you’ll be wowed by the variety of hotdogs you can sample. Stick to the regular hotdog with bun and your choice of condiments—called the Good Dog—or try something more adventurous like the Chi-Town Dog (tomatoes, pickled peppers, dill pickles, relish, mustard, and celery salt on a poppy seed bun), or the Guac-a-Dog, which is a typical hotdog topped with avocado, jalepenos, tomatoes, onion, garlic aioli, cilantro, cumin, and lime.

If the sounds of these dogs sound a little too risky for you, you might want to try something more familiar, such as a fresh-dipped and fried corn dog, named the Corny Dog. There’s also a Southern Comfort Dog on the menu, which offers housemade chow chow, bacon braised collards, mustard, and bacon. It’s gonna be hard to choose just one.

Great for Vegans

Yep, you read that right—despite being a hotdog lovers haven, this restaurant also offers the same menu made with vegan dogs as opposed to their normal 85% beef, 15% pork ones. Or if you’re staying away from pork, you can also get a 100% beef dog upon request.

Don’t Forget the Sides

After you pick your hotdog (or two…or three….), make sure you choose a side or two to accompany your dog. The fresh cut fries are pretty yummy, and the apple-horseradish slaw is full of flavor. When you’re finished with it all, try one of the amazing milkshakes.

Bring Your Pooch

If you’ve been looking for a restaurant that will welcome your pup, look no further than Good Dog Houston. Sit outside on the patio with one dog on the table and one dog under it while sipping on a beer or some wine, also served at Good Dog. Plus, the patio is well maintained and very cute, making this a fun place to bring a friend or date, too.

Started as a hotdog food truck that’s received so much love that it’s been able to move into a real building, it’s easy to see why Good Dog Houston has expanded as it has. While this food might make you feel as though you should spend the next year of your life on a treadmill, you won’t regret it—it’s just that good.