While fancy food and high end dining certainly has its place and its followers, there are times where caviar and the thought of paying $50 for a small piece of filet mignon just doesn’t sound, well, appetizing. On days like these, the thing that one may be craving most isn’t a gourmet meal, but rather, a burger that’s so loaded down with toppings you’re not sure how you’re ever going to finish it. If you feel like packing on a pound or two, head to the Hubcap Grill for one of the best burgers in Houston.

The Basics

Before we tell you all about the burgers, here’s a few tidbits about what goes into the food at the Hubcap. First of all, the meat’s always 100% fresh beef, and is never frozen. Second, the patties are hand formed. Third, the buns are homemade. Fourth, the French fries are homemade from real potatoes and fried twice. And fifth, all of the ingredients are fresh cut daily. You may already be convinced that this place is worth trying.

The Burgers

There are a lot of burgers on the menu here, and knowing which one to choose can be difficult. For the basic burgers, opt for the jalapeno cheeseburger, the mushroom Swiss, or the guacamole Swiss. If you want something a little more deluxe, one of the specialty burgers should by right up your alley. The Greek burger is quite good, and comes complete with feta cheese and olives, whereas the cheesy Cheetos burger is actually a burger loaded with Cheetos and cheese sauce. There’s also a yummy black and blue burger on the menu (bacon and blue cheese), and the quadruple heart clogger with patty, grilled hotdog, bacon, chili, and cheese is a great option for someone who loves the idea of a self-challenge.

The Rest

If you don’t love burgers or are simply in the mood for something else, the only other things you’ll find on this menu are chicken sandwiches and fries. The Greek grilled chicken sandwich is pretty good, and the mushroom Swiss chicken sandwich is a favorite. For fries, choose between the regular kind, sweet potato fries, cheese fries, or chili cheese fries.

The Rundown

Outside of the food and burgers, here are a few more things you might want to know about this restaurant. First of all, there are two locations, one in downtown Houston and on the Heights area. Additionally, this place is great for groups who just want to hang out, have a some great food, and share some laughs. Only wine and beer are served (and a bunch of sodas), so don’t go here if you like liquor with your meal or prefer a bar atmosphere. Reservations aren’t taken, so if you come with a group, come early or be prepared to wait a bit for a table on the weekends. Another plus of this restaurant is that it’s open until 3 AM, so it’s the perfect place of the late night diner. Finally, the prices are great, and out of all the burgers mentioned above, the most expensive one is $7.99, although you can get the most basic burger for a mere $4.99.