The catchy name of this restaurant should clue you in to which type of restaurant it is–Kata Robata, which means “type of grill,” in Japanese, offers everything from sushi to Japanese tapas.  This restaurant is a fine dining experience in the Upper Kirby area.

Creative Chef

The talent and creativity of the chef at Kata Robata is one of the many reasons to visit this unique establishment. The amazing Chef Hori at Kata Robata attended culinary school in Osaka, where he graduated with top honors. After working in Tokyo and refining his food preparation skills, Hori moved to Texas where he is now providing Houstonians with a taste of authentic, traditional, and modern flavors.

Sushi Selections

If you like sushi, here’s what you should order at Kata Robata: the Rising Sun roll; the Caribbean roll with mango; the Tropical Tuna roll; and any of the nigiri pieces, which are all amazing. Many of the sushi roll options are unlike anything that’s offered at other sushi places, and you’ll be surprised by the combination of flavors and daring that Kata Robata has taken with their sushi preparation. The restaurant received recognition as the Best Sushi in Houston from the Houston Press in 2012.

From the Grill

As this restaurant is named for its grill, it’s only appropriate to mention some of the grilled dishes you can choose from here. The whole grilled squid is amazing, and for only $12, it’s totally worth it. The Texas quail with quail eggs is also quite good and reasonably priced. However, the best may be the 72 hour slow-cooked Texas Kobe Beef Skewer, priced at $16.

Plethora of Menu Options

If you don’t love sushi and were hoping for something other than grilled meat or fish, you’ll be delighted to discover that this Japanese restaurant also offers noodle dishes and vegetable dishes, too. For a dish that incorporates modern thinking and Japanese fusion, try the Miso Lobster Macaroni and Cheese, $19, which has lobster, Parmesan, Gouda, cheddar, panko, and miso. Another dish that’s been raved about is the Spicy Soy Ramen, $14. Made with braised pork, chili, soymilk, and more, this ramen dish is lauded as the best ramen in the state.

Outdoor Seating

Another thing we love about this restaurant is the outdoor seating, which is always a plus when dining anywhere. Enjoy the refreshing cool air and beautiful ambiance, sip on a glass of wine (the extensive wine list is another huge plus of Kata Robata) or sake, and prepare for some of the best food in Houston.

So You Know

Two things to keep in mind when going here: the first, make a reservation, or prepare to wait to be seated. The second: there’s rumor of an $85 dollar minimum policy for dinner now that’s just been implemented, so don’t go if you are hoping to spend less on your meal.