Free Coffee

The coffee isn’t free if you want to take it to go or order it with your meal, but if you’re waiting for your food to be brought out or your order to be prepared, you’ll get a free coffee while you wait. And, it’s not just your regular black coffee that isn’t worth having for free anyway; rather, it’s the house specialty cinnamon coffee, which is adored by all, even those who claim that coffee isn’t their thing.

Save Some $$

If you’re looking for a cheap place for good food, look no further than La Guadalupana Cafe and Bakery in the Montrose, where the food is always delicious and inexpensive. Breakfast items are all under $10, as are most dinner items, with some for far less than that, and for the amount of food that you get, you’ll be impressed with the cost.

Special Pastries

The owner, chef, and baker at La Guadulapana’s used to be a pastry specialist at the Houston Country Club, so it’s no surprise that the dessert options are pretty fabulous here. In the glass case in the front of the café, your eyes will be delighted with sights of flan, tortes, croissants, and a multitude of other desserts and baked goods. A customer favorite: the almond croissant. You should definitely order one.

Mexican Breakfast

The breakfasts at this restaurant are served all day long, and they’re some of the best Mexican breakfast items you’ll ever have. Totally authentic and made with lots of love, the migas for $6.99 have chorizo, onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, and tortilla strips which are then scrambled with eggs and served with black beans. One of the breakfast tacos is also a great option, particularly the a la Mexicana taco, which has eggs, chorizo, jalapenos and tomatoes all for a whopping $1.75.

Outdoor Patio

When the weather is pleasant, the restaurant sets up a few tables and chairs on the patio outside the restaurant, making for a pleasant place to indulge in breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Since the café also has a full lunch and dinner menu, don’t hold back by just going for breakfast. The green chicken enchiladas are out of this world, and the green chilaquiles are one of the best things on the menu.

Take a Walk…

…but not far, to the nearby liquor store if you’d like a beverage with your meal. Since La Guadalupana’s doesn’t have a liquor license, you can grab a beer or bottle of wine a 2 min walk away and bring it in, which is a great way to accompany your meal.

Overall, this place is great, and has top quality food for a fraction of the price that you’d pay at other Mexican restaurants in the area. While the inside is a little run down and shabby looking, it only contributes to the totally authentic feeling of this restaurant. A local favorite, bring a newspaper and sit outside in the sun soaking up some rays while sipping on that delicious coffee and treating yourself to an after-breakfast pastry.