While a grocery store and market certainly isn’t the place that first comes to mind when thinking about great dining options, Lankford Grocery in Houston provides the community with dishes that would rival any small town diner. Most famous for their burgers, the café is the perfect place for a delicious breakfast or lunch that offers that home-cooked, comfort food feeling. This is  a Triple D diner (Diner, Drive-Thru, Dive) that looks and feels like a local burger joint from the 1950’s.

Lankford Grocery has so much character, has good home-style food, and a friendly staff. The burgers are just amazing, good juicy meaty burgers that will ooze of the bun if you’re not careful. Don’t be afraid to experiment here, there are tons of tasty options.

Simple and Savory Breakfast Options

While the breakfast menu at Lankford Grocery isn’t very extensive, every item you’ll find on it is both filling and delicious. The huevos rancheros are amazing, and are served with your choice of bacon or sausage, and the breakfast sandwich is a great option for a person who loves to eat with their hands or is on the go. The 3 egg breakfast with grits or potatoes, bacon or sausage, and toast is also a favorite, as is the traditional French toast.

Best Burgers in Houston

In the late 1970s, Lankford Grocery was operating as a fruit stand that simultaneously sold deli sandwiches. Feeling a bit adventurous, the company decided it’d start offering burgers, too. Since then, they’ve evolved to create one of the best burger establishments in all of Houston. For a truly unique burger with a taste that can’t be beat, try the South of the Border burger, complete with Monterey jack cheese, pico de gallo, avocado, and cilantro dressing; the Firehouse burger with habanero sauce, cayenne butter, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion; or the Red, White, & Blue burger with ranch dressing, blue cheese, roasted red peppers, and red onions. Add a fried egg to your selection and you’ll swear that you’ve gone to heaven.

Diner Dishes

In addition to all the burger options you’ll find on the menu at Lankford Grocery, you’ll also find some of your more traditional diner foods as well. For a trip down memory lane to the days your childhood, order the grilled cheese or tuna melt, or maybe try the chicken sliders. The chilidog is also a great option if you’re in the mood for comfort food, as is the BLT sandwich. If you’re feeling healthy, you can choose between one of two salad options on the menu instead. Or, you can double up on the calories and order a side of onion rings and fried pickles. Yum.

Daily Lunch Specials

Lunch specials are offered every day of the week than Lankford’s is open (so every day except for Sunday), and are a good option for the indecisive person. Head over to Lankford on Fridays for Super Taco Dinner, Saturdays for Texas Hash, or Wednesdays for an Enchilada Dinner.

It’s About Contentment

As the mission statement of this establishment reads, “We offer nothing small, nothing healthy, and nothing fast.” That being said, when you go to Lankford’s, prepare to take your time, relax, eat a delicious and satisfying meal, and leave feeling content and happy. You can order your food how you like, so don’t worry about adding sides or deducting ingredients you don’t like. And, they won’t bring you your check or rush you along; you just simply pay at the cash register on the way out.

The staff is as friendly as can be, and will recommend to try something new each time until you find your favorite. Prices are reasonable and the portion sizes are more than good. Lankford Grocery is definitely worth a try.