This restaurant lives up to its name. Local Foods, which mainly offers seasonal entrees, prepares all of its meals with fresh and local ingredients, making this West University restaurant a great option for those who want to support the local economy and eat a little healthier.

Great Sandwiches in Houston

Yummy, filling, healthy, local, and affordable are a combination of adjectives that are nearly impossible to use in the same sentence when describing sandwich shops in Houston. Enter Local Foods, the restaurant that offers sandwiches meeting all of the criteria above. At this restaurant, your sandwich will come with your choice of two sides or a cup of soup, and the most expensive sandwich on the menu—the gulf shrimp and blue crab—is $13.50. For a cheaper option that’s just as delicious, the house smoked salmon sandwich ($11.50) served on a poppy bagel with cream cheese, onion jam, and greens is great. Or, if you’re a veggie lover, try the market veggie, which has Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, tomato, local sprouts, hummus, and an avocado spread served on ciabatta all for $9.50. For sides, choose between quinoa, couscous, tabouli, Tuscan kale, beets, cabbage slaw, or homemade chips. If you opt for the soup instead, it’s between vegan chili (amazing!) or chicken posole.

Get Your Greens

If sandwiches aren’t for your or if you’re trying to cut carbs, Local Foods has some great salad options, too. The $12 shrimp salad is a favorite, and is made using an arugula mix, wheatberries, pecorino, cranberries, honey pecans, shrimp, and lemon-thyme vinaigrette.

Whether you go for lunch or dinner to this sandwich and salad establishment, you’ll also find a great choice of Texas beers and wines available.

Choose Between Three

If you head to the upper Kirby location of Local Foods, you’ll find a dinner menu, in addition to the soups and salads, with three entrée options you can choose from. These entrée items are a half roasted chicken (which is raised free range), a pork loin that comes from Black Hill Ranch, or a golden snapper. You’ll get your choice of two sides—mashed potatoes, squash, vegetable medley, market greens—or soup.

The West U Location doesn’t currently offer entree items in addition to their regular main menu.

Self Service

Whether you like it or not, this restaurant is self-service, adding to the already casual ambiance. Tables include large picnic-like tables for groups and comfy booths for smaller parties. The décor is very modern, and has a combination of stainless steel, brick, wood, and even open ductwork showing from the ceiling.

It’s All Good

The truth is, there’s really not a single negative thing to say about this place. Considering that all the ingredients are fresh and local, this restaurant offers a bargain on their food. Maybe a few more dinner entrée options would be nice, but considering they’ll serve soups, sandwiches, and salads through the dinner hours, there’s not much to complain about. Plus, they’re open 7 days a week.