Lucille’s restaurant is named after Lucille B. Smith, who was not only the founder of the restaurant, but also the first African American woman in Houston to open a business in the city and the first black woman to join the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. Beginning as a restaurant that was famous for its chili biscuits and BBQ, Lucille’s has evolved to be some of the most progressive Southern cooking in the state.

Refined Southern Dining

If you’re looking for an inexpensive rack of ribs or cheap biscuits and gravy, Lucille’s isn’t the restaurant for you. A fine dining establishment, Lucille’s main dishes start at $18 and go up to $38. That in mind, all of the food is just about as incredible as the price you’re paying for it. While not everyone thinks that shrimp and grits should cost $24, the tomato sherry broth it’s served in might make you change your mind.

The Best on the Menu

Depending upon the time of day you’re visiting Lucille’s, there are definitely some standout menu items that shouldn’t be missed. Lucille’s chili biscuits are a must have starter for the table. Must have. Really, don’t go without ordering these. For salads, the backyard tomato salad with heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, applewood bacon, blue cheese, and vinaigrette is a great option. For your main entrée, the burger is mouthwatering, and the surf and turf is an amazing combination of steak and oysters served with broccoli and potato puree. Try a side of the mac and cheese or the cornbread if you’re feeling extra hungry. If you’re dining during the lunch hours, the biscuits are still a must-try. Other than that, go for the tuna sandwich or the $12 dollar hotdog, which is served in a pretzel roll.

Great Service

The service that you receive can definitely contribute to the overall quality of your meal. One thing that all visitors to Lucille’s agree on is the high quality of the staff. Rarely will you have to wait too long for a table, especially if you have a reservation, and the waiters and waitresses will gladly provide you with their favorite recommendations, make adjustments to dishes as possible, and attend to your table in a way that is thorough but not overdone.

Good to Know

A complaint that many patrons have about this restaurant is not knowing where to park. Here’s a tip: park next door in the lot that’s next to the hospital and you shouldn’t have any problems. One more thing—if you’re dining during peak hours or want to attend Sunday brunch, make sure you make a reservation!

Most people can’t get enough of Lucille’s. If you go and love it, we recommend ordering an order of the biscuits or one of the desserts to-go, making for the perfect late night or breakfast treat.