The name “Moon Tower Inn” probably conjures up images of a twilight cabin where diners can order themselves an entrée of wild game, red wine, and a decadent dessert before heading upstairs to one of the quaintly furnished rooms that provides them with a view of stars and sky. However, nothing could be more inaccurate; instead, Moon Tower Inn is Houston’s prime place for hotdogs, burgers, sandwiches, and beers. And the setting’s not very inn-like, either.

66 Taps

People don’t just go here for the food, although we’ll get to that shortly. Rather, it’s all about the beer at this restaurant bar. With 66 different taps, the tap wall operates as a favorite craft-beer spot in the city. If you love beer and you haven’t been to Moon Tower Inn, you’ve been missing out.

The Hotdogs and Burgers

The second reason that people continue to frequent this hole-in-the-wall joint is due to the awesome hotdogs and hamburgers that are served. Whether you like gourmet sausages like wild boar, something fancy shmancy like venison with wild berries, or a traditional dog with ketchup and mustard, you’ll find it here. If hotdogs aren’t your thing, try the Chong burger, which is served with a sunny side egg, thick-cut bacon, cheddar, jalapenos, and mustard. Super satisfying, and exceptionally good.

Fun Events Every Week

Moon Tower Inn hosts some sort of event at least once nearly every week out of the year, making it a favorite place for having fun in Houston. Events include horror movie nights, all you can eat crawfish nights, beer dinners, and more. Not only are these events super fun to attend, but they’re also a great way to break the ice with a date or simply meet some new people.

Awesome Patio & Yard

The outdoors is where it’s at at Moon Tower Inn, so grab a table on the patio (there’s no indoor seating anyway) or head out to the yard for a game of horseshoes. If horseshoes isn’t for you, you’ll probably be entertained by the live music which is frequently being performed. One downside about the yard, though: while it’s hot-dog friendly, your real-life dog will have to stay at home; Moon Tower Inn doesn’t currently allow four-legged friends.

Porta-Potties Replaced

A previous complaint about this establishment was the lack of restrooms, as there were once only a couple of porta-potties available. Now, however, some real restrooms have been added, that, while better than the porta-potty version, have still retained some crude features (such as the labels differentiating between men and women as “taco” and “hotdog”).

It’s the Place to Be

The final reason that you should check out Moon Tower Inn is just because it’s a fun place. The food is amazing, the beer is great, and it’s always packed and happening here. Great for talking to new people or catching up with old friends, everyone who goes here raves about it. Oh, and it’s super cheap!