Dining out is usually a joy, but if you’re a person who’s looking for a way to spice up your usual date-night routine, you might want to consider going to a dinner theatre in Houston. One such theatre that will have you howling with laughter while also scratching your head as you try to piece together some clues is the Mystery Café.

What to Expect

When dining at the Mystery Café, don’t expect to not be part of the fun. This dinner theatre is pretty interactive, and it’s not uncommon for actors to engage guests throughout the show. Each show at the Mystery Café is broken into four acts, and food is served in between each one. The breaks also serve as the perfect time for events to be announced.

At the end of each show, the audience will get a chance to participate by writing down who they think did it and why. The correct guesser is awarded a prize.

The Food

The main highlight of this restaurant is the show, but the food isn’t half bad either for those who come with an appetite. The menu only offers three different entrees, so don’t plan on having a lot of options. Additionally, dinner entrée selections must be made two days prior to the performance. Choose between braised boneless short ribs, herb crusted chicken breast, or the Tagliatelle Genovese pasta, which is vegetarian. If you have kids who will be accompanying you, chicken fingers with either French fries or salad are are an option for the young ones. The food isn’t gourmet by any means, but it’s pretty good considering that this is a dinner theatre. Dinner also includes a salad, dessert, tea or coffee.

Make Reservations

If you’re interested in attending the Mystery Cafe, you absolutely must have a reservation. Without a reservation, you won’t even be able to get seated, let alone be served food. It’s recommended that you make reservations at least one week in advance, and 24 hours are required to change or cancel your reservation. Additionally, keep in mind that regularly scheduled shows are on Saturday nights at 8 PM, although there are other running shows throughout the week.

Private and Corporate Performances

If you have a private event or corporate outing that requires a fun venue, the Mystery Café will gladly put on a show for your entire group. Of, if you simply want an announcement made during the show, such as a birthday or engagement celebration, let the cast know and they’ll do they’re best to accommodate your needs.

Dinner and a Show

Dinner theatres are a fun way to combine two favorite events: eating and entertainment. The cost of the Mystery Café is $54.95 + tax per person, making it a fairly affordable combination of two enjoyable outings rolled into one fun night.