Located on Jackson Hill Street in the Heights in Houston is Patrenella’s Ristorante Italia, famed for its seafood linguini, mussels, and butternut squash ravioli. Set inside a home built in 1938, this restaurant is both intimate and high-class.

Great Italian Food in Houston Heights

While traditional Italian restaurants are known mainly for their pastas, Patrenella’s offers seafood, fresh vegetables, sausage, and veal in addition to their classic Italian noodle dishes. If you’re feeling like you deserve something divine, opt for the red or white clams and mussels as an appetizer before delving into on of the three veal plates available. The milk fed veal will nearly melt in your mouth, especially when accompanied by one of the delicious sides.

A Family Tradition

One of the most charming aspects about Patrenella’s is the fact that it’s a family establishment. Set in house that was built by the current owner’s father in 1938, Patrenella continues his mother’s tradition of creating delicious Italian recipes. The Patronella family has renovated the house in order to host guests, creating a larger dining space and increasing patrons’ contentment. Ideal for a date night, a family meal, or an intimate get-together with friends, this restaurant is cozy, comfortable, and elegant.

Italian Wines

Perhaps the best part of Italian food is the Italian wine that often accompanies it. At Patrenella’s, this tradition is no exception. The restaurant offers both a full service bar as well as a lengthy wine list that includes wines directly from Italy. Of course, Italian desserts are also offered, too.

Taste the Difference

When you dine at Patrenella’s, you’ll be amazed by the array of flavors and quality of taste that you’ll experience. Perhaps part of the reason for the deliciousness of the food is the fact that Patrenella’s menu is seasonal, and is inspired by what’s growing locally. So local, in fact, that the restaurant comes complete with its own organic garden that provides fresh vegetables and herbs to the restaurant.

 A Hidden Patio and Bocce Pit

If you like eating outdoors in the warmer months, don’t hesitate to ask about the hidden patio. While you have to travel through the kitchen to get there, the patio offers a nice escape from the indoors and, while slightly packed during the summer, offers a gorgeous setting that’s romantic and intimate. There’s even a bocce pit if you like some entertainment with your dinner.

Everything an Italian Restaurant Should Be

Patrenella’s Ristorante Italia is everything that an Italian restaurant should be: it offers great food at a reasonable price; has an extensive entrée, wine, and dessert menu; is owned by a family who came straight from Sicily; is located in a quaint and quiet neighborhood; and offers bread and olive oil with garlic as a starter for the table.

Additionally, Patrenella’s has a great parking availability, takes reservations, will accommodate groups for events or celebrations, and is open for lunch. Closed on Sundays and Mondays, this restaurant is open for business Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.