When one thinks of pizza, one does not think of the word “irreverent”. However, people don’t think of the words “truck” and “trailer” either. Maybe that’s because of Pizza delivery. You can just call up your favorite pizza parlor and order a pie for delivery. Why change what works?

Well, Anthony Calleo, owner of Pi’s Pizza Wagon, apparently never go the memo, because he’s created a road warrior’s pizza parlor. Pi’s Pizza is a Food Trailer that sells pizza right out of the truck and into your mouth.

His selection of pizza’s are what make people call him irreverent. You’ll never see these kinds of pies being sold at a normal establishment. Maybe you want to try the “drunken peach” pizza, which is topped with (among other things) peaches and blueberries that have been infused in whiskey. Or maybe you want to try “Porky’s Revenge”, which is topped with pulled pork, mozzarella, and cole slaw. All that on TOP of the pizza! Or maybe you want your pizza topped with chili, cheese, and Fritoes? That’s just a sampling of what is touted as “pizza for the more adventurous palates”.

Open at night and located downtown, Pi’S Pizza is able to deliver and cater. You can find them on any downtown street corner at any given evening. In fact, the one thing you won’t find Pi’s… is boring!