Cheesy, flavorful, warm, gooey, and satisfying is exactly how pizza should be. For some of the best pizza in Houston, head to Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana by Memorial & Kirkwood for a meal that’s sure to delight.

Made with Love

Pizza, like most other foods, is best when it’s made with love. At Pizaro’s, you can practically taste the passion and hard work that’s been put into this traditional Italian dish. Inspired by the brick-oven pizzerias of Naples, Pizaro’s is a family owned and run establishment that strives to provide customers with options that are both authentic and delicious.

Fresh Tomato Sauce

In addition to being made with love, the second thing that makes great pizza great is the sauce. At Pizaro’s, the sauce is homemade daily from imported tomatoes straight from Italy herself.

Pizza Picks

At Pizaro’s Pizza, you can choose from a traditional pizza or a specialty one. Two of the traditional pizza options are cheese or margarita, and then you can add any available toppings, including spinach, sausage, goat cheese, olives, and more, for an extra cost. Other traditional pizza options include a pizza with tomatoes, garlic, basil, and mozzarella; a pizza with mushrooms and sausage; and a few other great options.

However, while the traditional pizzas are all good, the specialty pizzas are to die for. I’d choose the potato and mushroom pie, which is made using truffle oil, Yukon gold potatoes, oven-roasted mushrooms, mozzarella, rosemary, and garlic.

Salad? Not so Much

This place specializes in pizza, and while the have a couple salad options, the pizza is definitely preferable. If you’re trying to cut back on the pizza or are looking for a filling and healthy salad option, go somewhere else. Although the caprese salad with mozzarella and fresh basil is pretty good, it’s more of an appetizer or side dish than a meal. But, you went here to eat pizza anyway, right?

Wishing for Wine

If you show up to this restaurant hoping to be served a glass of wine to accompany your pizza, you might be disappointed to learn that this establishment doesn’t serve alcohol. However, the redeeming quality about this is that Pizaro’s does allow you to bring in your own bottle, which is almost preferable to ordering a glass there. Now you can have your favorite type while indulging in one of these yummy pizza pies. Oh, and there’s no corkage fee!

Dog-Friendly Patio

While the patio isn’t the most alluring of outdoor dining spots in the world, it is dog-friendly, which makes for a good place for you and your pooch to hang out while chowing down.

If the craving for carbs strikes you, or you want an authentic Naples-style pizza, you’ll probably find exactly what you’re looking for at Pizaro’s. More expensive than some other pizza places in Houston, the style, flavor, and quality of ingredients outweighs the extra cost.