A Bit of Everything

It’s hard to put the food at Oak Forest restaurant Plonk! into one category or try to lump it into a single genre. If one did attempt to do so, they might be left racking their brain for culinary or ethnic terms before eventually settling on fresh, delicious, and unique as the only three words that can accurately describe every dish on the menu. While some restaurants label themselves with the title of their origins, such as “Mexican” or “Italian,” and other choose to title themselves based on the class of their food, like “fine dining,” Plonk! offers a little bit of everything.

Routine Revamping

While I’d love to tell you all about the menu at Plonk!, it’s continually being revamped, improved upon, and catered to in order to include what’s fresh and in season in Houston. Therefore, while telling you exactly what you should try is a bit difficult, the Guacamole Burger has hung around at the restaurant for quite a bit, perhaps because it’s a favorite of any guest who tries it. Featuring Gruyere cheese and slow-caramelized onions, this burger was named the Best Burger of 2011 by the Houston Press. If you’d rather do something a little more black-tie worthy, try the Tuxedo Halibut, which is served with black quinoa and a cilantro salad.

The Perfect List

Plonk! has received some praise for its wine and beer list, both of which, like the menu, change routinely, but are nonetheless superb. Depending upon the meal your eating and your personal preference, you’ll find a wine or a beer for every occasion, every entrée item, and every individual need. Choose something more casual while sitting on the deck for lunch, or go for something more refined if you’re having a romantic dinner for two.

The Best Deck

There are a lot of restaurants in Houston with pretty cool patios. But, there are few who would argue against that sentiment that the deck at Plonk! may just top them all. Made from beautiful wood and featuring many plants and soft lights for the evening hours, the deck is warm and welcoming, while also elegant and romantic.

Proprietary Blend

The “proprietary blend” refers to the mix of music that’s chosen by Dusty Graves, the restaurant’s co-owner and music master. With live music outdoors on the patio, there’s not much to not love about this restaurant.

Just Fun

This restaurant is fun, and is where people in the neighborhood gather for lunch or beers with their friends or family. While the prices are a little steep, the fact that the food is fresh, good, and that the staff is ridiculously friendly kind of make up for it. Maybe not a place you can afford to go everyday, but saving up and splurging a bit on a weekend, or even just hanging out at the bar for beers, is a great way to spend your evening and your money.