There is nothing quite like a good neighborhood bar built around an ever-changing neighborhood, especially if it offers cheap beer pitchers, good customer service, and gives you a chance to enjoy the great outdoors with man’s best friend.

Porch Swing Pub is just the right mix of a cozy restaurant/pub with a casual interior and a set of many picnic tables on a sizable porch. There is a jukebox for those who want to listen to music. The customers are a perfect blend of Houstonians of all ages, a good mix from around the neighborhood, and people with dogs. Porch Swing Pub is positively dog friendly.

The service is fabulous. Not only do they wait on your hand and foot, but if you bring dogs, they will wait on them as well, bringing them bowls of water so your pets can cool off. The food is simply tasty, and the drinks are cool and re-freshing.

This place is a good chill spot with your friends, be they two or four-legged.