If you’re homesick for the crawfish boils of your youth in Baton Rouge, or you’re simply a Houstonian looking for a taste of one of America’s spiciest and most rustic cuisines, then the Ragin’ Cajun is where you should plan your next Sunday afternoon meal.

A True Cajun Meal

While many spots may claim to originate from Cajun country, the Ragin’ Cajun tells the truth; started in 1974 by three Louisianans in Houston, this restaurant has grown throughout the years to become one of the country’s most famous spots that serves food from the deep southeast. It’s received praise from countless across the nation, and has been featured on NBC Dateline, the Food Network, and even in People magazine.

The Food

Of course, a famous restaurant is truly only as good as the food on its plates. And in this respect, the Ragin’ Cajun lives up to every one of its accolades. If you are a fan of rich stews filled with fresh chicken, sausage, and seafood from the bay, the varieties of gumbo will satisfy all of your deepest cravings. If you would rather opt for something lighter, you may instead enjoy one of the many salads on the menu, which come in classic house and Caesar styles, or topped with crawfish, mahi mahi, or even oysters atop a delicious bed of romaine.

It All Started with the Po’ Boy

Naturally, if you are really looking for a taste of Cajun cuisine that you would find on the side streets of New Orleans, you should look no further than one of the many Po’ Boys that you can find in this fine establishment. Originally called “Ray Hay’s Cajun Poboys,” the Ragin’ Cajun may have branched out to serve a variety of different Cajun-inspired foods, yet has never forgotten the one thing that first made it famous. All of the po’ boy sandwiches that can be found at this restaurant mimic the tasty delights you would receive in any shop in Louisiana, and will help you experience one of the best iterations of these well-known delights of the southeastern United States.

All Over the Map

Fortunately, if you have a hankering for Cajun food and you live in Houston, you don’t have to go far to find this delicious cuisine. With locations in Woodlake Square, Sugar Land, the Woodlands, and other spots throughout the city, the Ragin’ Cajun has expanded to offer small-town Cajun food to those across all of Houston.

You Won’t Be Disappointed

The Ragin’ Cajun may serve a host of different options from this spicy southern cuisine, and may have grown since the beginning, but it still tastes like the home cooking you may find in an alley off Bourbon Street. If Cajun food is your thing, the Ragin’ Cajun should be the next stop on your way for a true taste of Bayou country.