The Rainbow Lodge is a rustic establishment that makes guests to the restaurant feel as though they’re dining in a cottage in the woods. Set on an acre of property, this large cabin is perfect for private parties and events, such as weddings, but is also the perfect place for a retreat outside of the hustle and bustle of downtown Houston. To escape the chaos of the city and indulge in food that features seafood and wild game, visit this historic log cabin today.

Perfect in the Winter, Beautiful in the Summer

The thing that’s great about cabins is that they offer the perfect level of comfort regardless of the season. When it’s chilly outside, the Rainbow Lodge lights up one of its great fireplaces, warming the restaurant and providing an ambiance that’s perfect for the holiday season or just a frigid day. In the warmer months, this restaurant’s equally as appealing thanks to its amazing outdoor deck-seating that overlooks the grounds.

Refined Comfort Food

The meal options at the Rainbow Lodge are perfectly in tune with its mountain and earthy feel. The almond crusted mountain trout is an absolute must try here, and is served with green beans that are tossed with cured ham and caramelized onions ($29). If you want something slightly more elegant, the decadent lobster thermidor, a whole Maine lobster served with oyster mushrooms, cognac, and asparagus ($50) is succulent and mouthwatering. For something a little more familiar, the braised buffalo short ribs will provide you all the comfort that good food should, and the grilled North American elk chop with baked acorn squash and Gorgonzola tart shouldn’t be missed. For a little bit of everything, opt for the chef’s tasting menu. For five courses, the menu is $69; for seven courses, it’s $89.

Burger Friday

A good burger is hard to beat, and at the Rainbow Lodge, choosing to visit on a Friday pays off. On this day of the week, the restaurant features Wild Game Burger Fridays, which are amazing. Not only are these burgers good, but by ordering one, you’ll be contributing to less wasted meat; the burgers are made at the end of the week so that the restaurant can use up the delicious, left over scraps of game that they haven’t used throughout the week. Pretty neat.

If you don’t want to go for Burger Friday, lunch on all the other days of the week is pretty good, too, and provides some more casual menu items, such as sandwiches and tacos. The wild boar carnitas tacos are out of this world, and they’re only on the lunch menu.

Mandatory Valet

While some people have complained about this restaurant’s mandatory valet service, the fact that there’s not a large parking lot on the property makes it a necessity. If you go during lunch, there’s a self-park option, but during dinner, it’s valet or the highway. Maybe not your thing, but if you can get over it, you’ll be blown away by the inside of this restaurant thanks to everything from the décor to the food to the service.