The Best Noodles in Town

Pulled pork and brisket is passe. Food Trucks are so last year. What type of food is all the rage?

Ramen, of course!

No, not the store-bought stuff that comes pre-packaged and freeze-dried. Real ramen is a culinary art form, a tasty treat that combines the best in flavor, presentation, and all out piggery. To some foodies, Ramen is the perfect snack food. No wonder, since in Japan, Ramen is to them what a burger and fries is to us!

What could be better than a bowl of hot steaming noodles with delicious broth and all the trimmings?

Nothing, that’s what!

A First of Its Kind

Believe it or not, there is a dearth of ramen shops in Houston. There are a lot of Pho places (Vietnamese noodles) and many Japanese restaurants serve ramen, but there aren’t many places that cater just to this Japanese food.

But now there is just a place. Chef Brian Chen has opened the first ever ramen-only shop in Houston, conveniently located down on Westheimer. Ramen is not a side dish here, it’s the main focus. There are many varieties of ramen to enjoy, and visitors are encouraged to try them all.

Ramen Jin will be officially opening in mid-October of 2013.