Not Just for Hotel Guests

Regardless of the fact that Restaurant Cinq is located within the La Colombe D’or Hotel, patrons who aren’t staying at the hotel are more than welcome to attend. Open for either lunch or dinner, this restaurant that offers modern European cuisine is a good choice for an expensive business lunch, special occasions, or fancy meal.

The Lunch Menu

Appetizers on the lunch menu start at $10, and entrees are priced between $16 and $25. Best two things to order for the midday meal here: the lobster bisque, $13, and the Petrossian smoked salmon sandwich with brioche, aioli, red romaine lettuce, and a spread made from herbs and garlic cheese, $19. The jumbo lump crab tower, $28, is a close second for entrée choices.

The Dinner Menu

The dinner here is more standout than the lunch, and has more menu items to choose from, although entrée items on it nearly double the cost of those on the lunch menu. For a starter, the crispy foie gras, $24, is a favorite, as is the smoked octopus with saffron custard, maple sugar, toast n’ coffee accents, also $24. Next, try the charred eggplant and fried egg, or the heirloom tomato mélange salad with pesto and fresh mozzarella.

When it comes to entrée items, the most favorite choice at Restaurant Cinq is probably the roasted rack of prime Colorado lamb, $65, which is served with mint sauce and an in-season vegetable, although the braised young goat, $42, with grilled spinach and shallot aioli is nearly just as good. If you don’t eat meat but are okay with seafood, then the recommendation would definitely be the citrus glazed gulf prawns, $39.

Sommelier on Hand

It probably goes without saying that a restaurant as classy as this would have a sommelier on hand, but in case you were worried about pairing your meal with the perfect glass of wine, you can rest easy. The wine cellar holds some truly remarkable bottles, and buying one or two for the table is recommended.

Private Dining

If you need an elegant place to host a dinner party, wedding reception, or fancy business lunch, one of the private dining rooms at Restaurant Cinq is perfect. With several large dining rooms available, they can accommodate large corporate parties or smaller, more intimate ones.

A Memorable Experience

Everything about this restaurant is nice. The dining area is beautiful, the waiters are polished and very formal, and the food is divine. Like most restaurants in this price range, you’re paying for the experience as much as the food. While you might not leave feeling as full as you’d like and with your pocketbook a little bit lighter, you’ll certainly leave with a host of memories about just how succulent that meat was, or how beautifully your dishes were prepared.