Sushi is one of the most traditional Japanese foods there is, and if you ever visit Japan, sushi is sure to be a food you see eaten frequently by everyone there. If you love sushi and are always on the hunt for the best sushi around, Sage 400 is a restaurant that offers both delicious sushi and a fine dining atmosphere in Houston.

The Sushi Chef

The chef at Sage 400 is one of the most renowned sushi chefs in all of Houston, and his creations are both creative and daring. If you enjoy watching sushi be prepared nearly as much as you love eating it, Chef Teddy of Sage 400 creates sushi pieces that are as beautiful as they are tasty.

Fine Dining

Sage 400 is one of the nicer sushi restaurants in Houston, and that’s reflected in everything from the setting to the prices. If you were hoping to eat a full sushi meal while on a budget, Sage 400 isn’t the restaurant for you. However, if you appreciate the sophistication and high quality that often accompanies more expensively priced entrée items at restaurants, then you’ll have no problem with the fact that a sushi roll ranges from $13 to $20, depending upon the ingredients, at Sage 400.

Happy Hour Specials

While Sage 400 is certainly high priced, you can save a bit of money by attending during happy hour as opposed to the regular dinner hours. The happy hour offers a bunch of inexpensive beers, discounted martinis, sushi, and other yummy items such as edamame hummus.

Bento Box Lunch

Bento boxes are traditional lunch items in Japan, and are a popular favorite in Japanese cuisine. A bento box traditionally has rice, fish or meat, and veggies. At Sage 400, lunch goers can choose from a bento box that contains pork, shrimp katsu, shrimp tempura, Chilean sea bass, or a beef roll. The bento boxes are served with your choice of soup or salad and range from $13 to $19 depending upon your selection of protein.

For Those Who Don’t Do Sushi

If you’re not ordering sushi, there are some great entrée items that are raw-fish free, and yet still traditionally Japanese, at Sage 400. The beef tataki salad is great starting dish, the stuffed mushroom tempura is a yummy appetizer, and for an entrée, the salmon with wasabi sauce is highly recommended, as is Nabeyaki udon soup with chicken, beef, scallops, shrimp, tempura, fish cake, Napa cabbage, black mushrooms, and scallions.

More Pertinent Information

Other relevant information about this restaurant includes that it’s not good for kids; there’s a big lot for parking, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with that; while it’s elegant and classy, feel free to dress in your casual wear; and reservations are both taken and recommended for those who are dining during prime dinner hours, particularly on a weekend.