“We wanna know ya.” That’s what the website says. And that’s the best way to describe Saint Dane’s Bar & Grille.

Considered by many to be their favorite sports bar in Midtown, Saint Dane’s is the kind of place where people are there simply to hang out, to have a great time, and being real. Wouldn’t you say that a bar which allows dogs inside has to be chill and laid back? The patrons of Saint Dane’s would say so.

They have a great staff, small in number but very courteous, and the best beers and drinks are always on tap and ready to be served. Good food too, from the steak and fries to the desserts, all perfect for munching on while watching your favorite teams.

Saint Dane’s is not a huge bar, with the inside having only a few tables and chairs. However, despite the small size, Saint Dane’s has quite a cozy and relaxing environment. The patio area is covered, there are lots of benches, and did we mention a ton of TVs? THere are TVs inside, outside, everywhere! All showing the current games! With such a laid back atmosphere, so many TVs, and great drink and food prices, Saint Dane’s is a great place to catch a game.