Since 1990, Shiva Indian Restaurant has been serving the community with some of the best Indian food in Houston. With flavors that are out of this world and a philosophy that’s founded in a passion for food and a pleasing of the palate, Shiva Indian Restaurant is a must-try in this big city.

The Lunch Buffet

Eating Indian food buffet-style is one of the best ways to do so, and allows the eater to sample a variety of dishes and flavors for one fair and manageable price. At Shiva’s, this price is $10.95 for the lunch buffet, which is served from 11:30 to 2:30 Monday through Friday (there are extended lunch hours on the weekend). The buffet offers appetizers, main dishes, and desserts, and comes complete with an array of curries, great options for vegetarians, varieties of rice, naans, chutney, and more. For an inexpensive price, you’ll fill yourself up to the point of wondering how you did it, while simultaneously wondering when your next opportunity to feast here again will be.

The Dinner Menu

One of our favorite things about this restaurant, besides the food, of course, are the prices. The dinner menu has entrée options starting as low as $7.95 for a half portion, or $12.95 for a full. You can also find  chicken portions (half sizes not available), for a mere $10.95 for dinner, including the murgh madras, the murgh chili (which is very spicy), and the kadai murgh. If murgh sounds like it isn’t going to be your dish, try a lamb plate of opt for fish or shrimp instead. The restaurant also has a plethora of vegetarian options available for the animal-lovers or health conscious amongst us, too.

Recommendations from the Chef

Another neat thing about this restaurant is that instead of just having a board that advertises specials or a plate of the day, the menu here includes a pretty extensive list of recommendations from the chef, which are always a good choice for the person who just can’t decide on anything. The chef’s recommendations include a vegetarian option known as Shiva’s Delight, a tandoori grill, Rani Dil Pasand, and Raja Dil Pasand. Each recommendation comes with a few items, including naan and a dessert.

Special Attire not required

While many Indian restaurant that offer food of this quality require dressy attire, a reservation, and wads of cash to attend, Shiva welcomes everyone—jacket or not– with open arms. While liquor isn’t served, both beer and wine are, children and groups are welcome, and take-out is more than acceptable. I mean, there’s a lunch buffet, after all.

A Featured Place

Shiva Indian Restaurant has been featured in the Houston Chronical, the Houston Press, the Indo-American News, the Bayou Cities Best YOU 106.9FM Radio, the Texas Triangle, and more. If you’re looking for a place that’s loved by many, Shiva Indian Restaurant is the one to try.