Learn to Dance and Make New Friends

Learning to dance is easy.  It’s fun.  And it’s a great way to make new friends.  “I have trouble imagining anyone not being accepted here” said Darryl Armstrong, the owner of SSQQ dance studio.  And I found that to be 100% true.  The people are all different ages, so everyone  fits in.  By the end of the first 30 minutes you will know at least 10 new people by name in a comfortable environment where you don’t have to manufacture conversation.  If you’re new to town, recently single, or even a couple that wants to meet new couple friends, SSQQ is the place to go.

You Don’t Need a Partner

The partners all rotate so you don’t need to bring a partner.  Rotating makes you a much better dancer because you dance with tall people, short people, people who catch on quickly and people who don’t.  It also makes it more comfortable to come alone.  And it also makes meeting people seem super easy.

Houston Icon SSQQ is Now in a New Facility That May be the Nicest in the Country

SSQQ has been a Houston icon for decades.  Most people who’ve lived in Houston have heard of it or taken lessons there.  The old location was fun, but it had parking challenges, and the facilities weren’t real upscale.  Well about four years ago Darryl Armstrong, who had been a dance instructor at SSQQ for 15 years, bought it from the original owner Rick Archer. 

Well Darryl proceeded to breathe new life in to the beloved SSQQ.  They moved it to a beautiful new facility with 12,000 square foot of dance floor.  The open concept plan has better lighting, nicer flooring, an club-quality sound system, AND A LIQUOR LICENSE!  That’s right folks, you can enjoy your favorite adult beverage at very reasonable prices.  They have Angry Orchard Apple Cider (on tap), Bacardi Mojito, Black Crown, Blue Moon, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Budweiser, Coors Light, Corona Extra, Dos Equis, Fat Tire, Guinness, Heineken, Karbach (Hopadillo, Weisse Versa Wheat), Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, Pacifico, Shiner Bock (bottle & draft), St. Arnold’s (Lawnmower, Santo on tap, Amber on tap, Seasonal), Twisted Tea, Stella Artois, and seven varieties of wine.

And the parking stretches as far as the eye can see.  You will never have to park on the street or risk getting towed in the new huge, safe, well lit parking lot.

Lots of Value for the Money

Most dance studios have one hour lessons.  SSQQ offers a unique format of a two hour lesson split in to two one hour lessons with a musical dance break in between.  So you learn twice as much and in the middle you get a break to grab a beer and practice what you learned in a club-like setting with music. But it’s like a club where it’s acceptable to mess up without feeling embarrassed.

There are multiple weekly sessions for most lessons and your single fee gives you access to all of them.  So on most classes you can attend three sessions per week that are two hours long each….giving you six total hours of instruction each week for a whole month.  Compare that to a dance studio that has one weekly lesson that is an hour long, and it’s not hard to see that you are going to get much better, much faster.

And the best part is the cost is similar to most of the one hour places… $60/month

Every Type of Dancing

SSQQ teaches any different dances.

  • Western classes include: Two Step, Polka, Waltz, Hustle, & Line Dancing.
  • Latin classes include: Salsa, & Bachata
  • Swing classes include: West Coast Swing (Whip) and East Coast Swing/Jitterbug

There are multiple levels of all classes ranging from level 1 through level 6.

Parties, Cruises, Trips to Local Clubs

SSQQ has monthly parties, and seasonal theme parties.  They have free happy hours every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6pm to 7pm.  You don’t even need to be enrolled on a class to come to the free happy hours.

SSQQ also schedules cruises with special onboard dance activities.

But the coolest thing I’ve found about going to SSQQ is the outings to local clubs, often informally organized.  There are usually one or two main local clubs for each type of dancing.  And you always see people you know from class at these clubs.  So now when you go to the club, you no longer have to be creepy “stand alone guy” now you can be “lots of friends guy”, and that alone is worth the price of a month’s dance lessons for most people.