The Texas Rock Gym is one of Houston’s best known indoor rock climbing gyms. Located in West Houston, they have been a part of the Houston Rock Climbing community for over fifteen years. They have introduced rock climbing to a large number of Houston residents. One of the big points of this place is that it doesn’t consider rock climbing to be just a sport, it’s an entire body conditioning lifestyle.

Texas Rock Gym offers over twenty top-rope stations, a lead arch and extended lead areas, and a dedicated bouldering area with various features to climb on. This is a lot more than your traditional indoor rock climbing gyms. The trained staff is on hand to instruct new climbers, as well as there to refresh veterans. Safety is, as it should be, a priority at Texas Rock Gym.

They also offer more than just climbing. Birthday parties, Scout meets, Church retreats, and lock-ins are offered. They also have an after school program for children and teenagers. For local corporations, Texas Rock Gym offers a Team Building Program, focusing on team building events and exercises

A variety of classes and programs are offered for both a supplement fitness programs, or for general exercise. Some of the classes available are Yoga, Tai-Chi, Kung Fu, Parkour, Core Strength and Conditioning, and (of course) climbing classes. They stress the concept that rock climbing is a lifestyle, and that it can be a fun and engaging way to stay fit.

Specials are offered for groups and events all the time, as well as specials geared to new members. Memberships grant a discount to normal services.