In addition to being a café that offers great coffee and tea, the Doshi House is also open for lunch between the hours of 11 and 3 PM, soups and salad throughout the day, tonics and smoothies anytime, and an evening meal starting at 5 PM. A beautiful place with interesting cuisine, this restaurant is one of the few that offers a café atmosphere with dishes that are vegan or vegetarian.

The Evening Meal Menu

While lunch here is certainly unique and tasty, holding out for dinner if you can is definitely worth it at the Doshi House. The meal that is offered changes depending upon the day, but visiting the restaurant on Saturdays, Mondays, or Tuesdays are particularly recommended (although the other days are almost just as good). Try the Vegan Chicken (Saturdays), the Creole Beans and Rice (Mondays), or the Thai Red Curry (Tuesdays). All menu items throughout the week for the evening meal are offered at the fantastic price of only $6.95—it doesn’t get much better than that!

Tonics and Smoothies

If you’re not ordering an evening meal at this restaurant (or if you are), you should try one of the Doshi House’s tonics or smoothies. The Pink Panther is a unique combination of strawberries, bananas, beets, aloe, apple juice, and agave. Or, the Al Elixer is also a favorite, and combines cane syrup, lemon, and sparkling water with a delicious homemade tamarind and dates blend. Yum.

Vegan Friendly Small Dishes

If you visit the Doshi House when it’s not dinnertime, the coconut Thai soup (served Mondays and Thursdays) is absolutely amazing. If you’re at the Doshi House on a different day of the week, such as Tuesday or Friday, opt for the Lentil Soup, which is packed with fiber, b-vitamins, and protein. All soups are priced at $3.85. A salad is also offered throughout the week for $4.85. Sit down for your meal or take it to go with a cappuccino if you’re in a rush.

Overlooking the Façade

While the Doshi House may look a bit rundown from the outside, this tiny restaurant located just west of the University of Houston is worth trying. Tucked away in a neighborhood that you might not wander through otherwise, you’ll love everything about this café, from the ambiance to the culture to the Turkish coffee to the chili. In addition to offering some great drinks and dishes, the Doshi House also is a gathering place for thinkers and doers, and showcases artists; offers live music; and works hard to develop a relationship with the community.

For a down to earth experience and a choice that you’ll feel good about, head to the Doshi House today with a good book, your journal, or someone you’ve been dying to have a good conversation with.