Fare for the Discerning Palette

Known for good food made by quality chefs, The Grove is a great place to get a tasteful meal or a drink after work. The visitors to The Grove rave about the bartenders and their drinks, especially their margaritas. Some people even go to The Grove just to get drinks! The food is as artistic to behold as it is delicious, and the chefs work tirelessly on presentation.

A Menu For Every Meal

The Grove sports menus for every occasion, not just lunch and dinner. There are sample menus for special times such as Houston Restaurant Week, there are menus just for Sunday Brunch, and there are menus for cocktails after work. Whether you want a fresh salad, a shrimp bisque, or a prime cut steak, The Grove has a menu item just for you.

Seating With a View

Want to sit outside? The Grove features seating that is perfect for the Houstonian who wants a seat with a view of the city. Patio and balcony seating is available for all times, although space is often limited. Nothing quite beats sipping on a raspberry margarita with friends while watching the sun set over the city skyline!