Imagine being able to benefit charities while drinking with your friends. Well that’s not a dream, that’s the OKRA Charity Saloon. Created in the style of a big city saloon, the proceeds and receipts go to benefit local charities. Now you can do your part to help others while enough everything from a Long Island Iced Tea to a basket of fried okra.

The bar is extremely clean, and has that “big city” feel to it as mentioned before. With a large, over-sized meeting area, mingling with friends and new people is not a problem. The bartenders keep themselves very busy serving everyone, but when its slower, they’ll happily chat you up. And they know their drinks.

The food is not to be outdone. If you’r a┬áSoutherner, you have to try the fried okra, which is served with ranch dressing to dip. The taste is amazing! Also, try their paninis. You won’t be sorry.