If you’ve been in search of a family-friendly activity, of an activity that you can do on your own if you’re a science buff, the Miami Science Museum is perfect. With dozens of interesting exhibits for everyone, regardless of age, on the next rainy or too-hot-to-think day, head here for a little relief.

Plan for the Planetarium 

The planetarium is one of the most interesting parts of the science museum, and if you or your family members are interested in stars, planets, galaxies, and more, the planetarium is a must-see. Not only is the planetarium incredibly cool, but entrance costs are included in your museum ticket price.

The Museum’s Wildlife Center

In addition to the planetarium, the Miami Science Museum also has an amazing wildlife center. The wildlife center is designed to foster the rehabilitation of Florida raptors–no, not the dinosaurs. Raptors in this sense refers to birds of prey, including eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, ospreys, and vultures. However, in addition to rehabilitating birds so that they can be released back into the wild, a walk through the outdoor Wildlife Center will also provide folks with a sneak peek of crocodiles, turtles, alligators, and tortoises, too.

Exciting Exhibits 

The exhibits that are presented at the museum are some of the most interesting and engaging exhibits in any museum state-wide. Amazon Voyage is an exhibit that highlights the biodiversity of the Amazon River, the Sea Lab is a special laboratory designed for children that allows for the observation of coral and reef creatures up close and person (kids can even touch the starfish!), and the heart smart exhibit allows people to learn about their own hearts and and what health risks they may be exposed to in the future. All of the exhibits are fairly awesome, and the ones named above are just a few of the cool things to be seen.

Camps, Classes, and More

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your child more interesting in science and the world that we live in, a camp at the Miami Science Museum might be just the ticket. The museum offers overnight camps, where children bring their sleeping bag and toothbrush in order to camp out among the exhibits, as well as day camps and seasonal camps. Mini-camps, more similar to classes, are also offered, and are single-day programs that are scheduled on teacher work days.

Benefits for Everyone

The Miami Science Museum provides education and family fun all year long. Admission to the museum is quite reasonably priced, all-inclusive, and free for toddlers. Every member of the family will find something that interests them in one of the dozen main exhibits – Nano, Moving Things, Florida’s Birds -and more.

Also, check out Fabulous First Fridays, nighttime events that are packaged for an evening night out with family, and include arts and crafts, musical laser light shows, and views from the observatory. The museum is open every day of the week, except on some holidays.