There is a lot to see in the Wynwood District of Miami but the Wynwood Walls, Wynwood Doors, and Outside the Walls are undoubtedly essential destinations for you to explore. Wynwood Walls showcases a number of displays of outdoor street and graffiti art – murals, tags, portraits, and more – on warehouse walls for several blocks, and the path between them is perfect for a walking tour. The street art doesn’t stop there, but instead extends out into a park area of re-purposed art-smothered gates (Wynwood Doors), and into the surrounding neighborhood where more creations can be found interspersed throughout (Outside the Walls).

The contributors to these pieces are from all over – some from the Miami area, and some from many other countries in the world. The work is amazing and inspirational because of the unique styles, cultural influences, and vivid colors. Plan to spend a couple of hours absorbed in these spaces, and check out the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar if you want to eat.

If you are interested in learning more about the featured artists, the Wynwood Walls website has profiles of many of them listed for you. It’s free to visit the area and check out the art.